Lato Fields Estate – Elegant Glass Bottle 500ml

Lato Fields Estate – Elegant Glass Bottle 500ml


From our trees to your table
Be healthy and use a high quality premium product in your daily diet.

  • 100% Natural Olive Oil
  • 100% Geek Product
  • Single Producer
  • Single Estate
  • Single Season
  • Single Variety
  • Single Region


Product Description
Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.
Lato Fields Estate Olive Oil contains very low acidity, has a rich taste, and an aftertaste you could never forget. Our olive oil, belongs to the Premium category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with acidity of less than 0,3% (during production). This fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced, by cold extraction method, from the famous variety of olives known as “Koroneiki” crushed within 5 hours of harvesting.
No blending, added chemicals, preservatives, pesticides or anything else than Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We offer you the treasure of the Island of Crete by bringing this product of exceptional quality, and great nutritional value, right at your doorstep. The olive tree and its products are considered to be a major ingredient in the diet of the Island of Crete. The Cretan diet is linked to the cultivation of the olive tree for more than 6,000 years.

Product Features:
High nutritional value, rich content of polyphenols.
It has a golden – green color, characteristic aroma, medium fruity balanced taste, and a smooth lasting aftertaste. The Koroneiki variety has a fresh taste, light spicy with little bitter notes. Rich aromatic character and medium intensity.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a green-yellow color with golden highlights, has the typical aroma of an oil fresh from the olive mill, with light, delicate notes.
Greek Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from 100% Koroneiki variety.
• Acidity (during production): 0,3%
• K270: 0,2
• K232: 2,4
• Peroxides: 20 meqO2/Kg
• Waxes 250 mg/Kg
Suitable for vegetarians. Gluten free.

Storage Instructions:
Keep it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

Recommended dishes:
Fish, various meat dishes, vegetables, seasonal salads.

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