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The family of Lato Fields has more than three generations history in the olive oil market and continues to produce superior quality olive oil. Our knowledge of olive oil has opened us the way to promote the Cretan Olive Oil to markets within European Union and many other countries.

We have the strong belief in this unique Cretan product and we continue our efforts to put in at a high place in the market due to its exceptional taste and quality.

  • We produce only extra virgin olive oil with a unique taste and unique quality.
  • Our olive oil is from Koroneiki variety and has high-quality oil content.
  • Olives produce a golden-green olive oil that all love for the freshness, the taste and the flavour that gives to cooking.
  • This olive oil is highly praised for its mild, juicy and fresh taste.
  • It has a smooth, rich finish, low acidity and a medium fruitiness taste.
  • We grow 3,000+ olive trees; we completely avoid the use of chemical, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

We use exclusively our own olives in the production since this is the only way we can guarantee supreme quality. Our olive trees are located in area just outside of Aghios Nikolaos on the eastern side of the island of Crete at an altitude of 400m above sea level with 0% humidity. Automatic irrigation and no pesticides make the oil unique.

  • Single Producer
  • Single Estate
  • Single Variety

  • Single Location

  • Single Production Process

  • 3 Generations of olive oil producers
  • Excellent quality

  • Excellent flavor

  • Fine aroma

  • No pesticides

  • 100% fresh product

  • Acidity less than 0,4%
  • 3,000 trees

Our promise

The premium quality of our product is what we offer to our clients knowing that they will fully appreciate its taste, flavour and aroma.

Our trees

These are our olive trees.

Our product

Premium quality extra virgin olive oil

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