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Welcome !

Lato Fields Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a family product. As olive oil producers for more than three generations we produce each year extra virgin olive oil of superb quality and we are very proud of.

  • It has less than 0.3% acidity, top of the range and is the best of its class/category.
  • It has won multi international and national prizes and awards in the past years for its fine taste, quality and colour.

Our superior quality extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from Koroneiki variety olives, milled immediately after harvest and stored in airtight containers protected from oxygen, light and heat until is ready for packing and distribution.

Our Vision

Continue producing exceptional top quality extra virgin olive oil, Offer to our clients a unique Cretan product. We Respect our customers and keep them satisfied.

Make our olive oil your olive oil.

From our trees to your table, we offer you what we consume every day.

Product Details

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil only from our fields

Samples can be sent to your address upon request

What we sell is pure extra virgin olive oil produced only from our fields

We offer it in a simple metal canister because we believe that the consumer should pay for the quality of the oil and not for the packaging itself

We believe that what it counts is what is inside the canister; not the outside appearance



Package: Metal canister 5Lt (simple, easy to use and store)

Variety 100% Koroneiki

Production: Limited to a few thousand canisters

Collection: Middle of December to End of February

Acidity: Less than 0.3%

Colour: Light golden-green

Taste: Medium Fruity

Product of Greece region of Crete

It was a very pleasant surprise to find that I can use it for salad, veggies, meat and anything else I cook. If you are looking for an excellent olive oil to use in your day-to-day meal preparation that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then this is the best quality. I consider this to be one of the better purchases I’ve made.


It is quite difficult to find a reasonably priced bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is 100% pure Olive Oil. THIS IS THE BEST. If one knows what real pure olive oil is supposed to taste like, and then look no further. As good as it gets for extra virgin outside of Greece!


I cook with olive oil all the time. I love the taste of this one. If you need an extra virgin olive oil for cooking then THIS IS IT. My wife and I have always purchased this for almost 10 years now.


This is my everyday olive oil. You really can’t beat the value of it. This oil tastes good enough for whatever you use olive oil for–salad, bread, pizza, pasta, baking. Flavour, colour and aroma are all pleasing to me.


I would recommend this oil for all of your needs from cooking to salad dressings.


We are high consumers of olive oil at home and we were looking for the best. Well, this olive is superb! This tastes excellent, and is a joy to cook with.


This is really good olive oil at a very good price. I have not found a better deal yet. Great price for wonderfully flavourful olive oil! This is a regular purchase for me and I use it for dipping as well as cooking. I really like this oil. Pretty mild but full flavoured.


Only the best for our family. I buy this again – I use a lot of olive oil for cooking. This oil is perfect to use for salads also.

Thank you!

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